New York City Sounds | Poetry Sessions | 12.11.12

New York City Sounds: Poetry Sessions

When: Tuesday, 12.11.2012 at 4:00 P.M. SLT
Where: SoHo Warehouse SLURL

We are the city that never sleeps. We are the fashion capital of SL. We are cultivators, tastemakers and collectors of all things cool. We are NEW YORK CITY .

Join Us

Meet us in NYC’s SoHo Warehouse as the New York City Sounds | Poets Sessions kicks off its return during our “Golden Apple” celebration

We are welcoming those gifted with the talents of spoken word to come mingle and showcase their inner most thoughts.

The NEW YORK CITY SOUNDS Series is a way to connect the creative minds with creative minds and fans with fans in an intimate
and relaxed setting. Are you ready?

Be the Talent

Do you want to perform? We are looking for poets/writers to perform:


In-world: Dylan Chiantelle