Animaux launches 9.10.13 exclusively in NYC.

Animaux opens on 9.10.13 exclusively in New York City, bellballs essentials retires.

Animaux by Viollette Vyper

Whats that in the sky?! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! NAH, it’s just the previously retired owner of the very retired bellballs essentials accessory store… but as requested, I have returned! I’m not talking about casually either. I am back in full working force with a hot new brand, fresh new style and new ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to my newest brand, Animaux! Its really just a fancy little french way of saying animal. I know that all of us have a wild animal inside waiting to burst out! And now, with my newest brand Animaux, you can do just that!

I will be providing accessories that will allow you to express yourself in your style. From subtle pieces, to large bold and daring pieces. My newest brand animaux is bringing a modern retro style, with tons of glam and chic!

Now I’m sure you are asking, “What about my favorite bellballs essentials items?” To which I reply, as requested; I have combined a few consumer favorites with my new brand Animaux.  Those items are available as we speak in the fashionable NYC sim. On 9.1.10, you’ll find an exclusive piece in the Campus Crawl Back to School Hunt. My newest items will be available 9.10.13 on both marketplace and my (single) location, at the New York City Sim!

You can see what I’m up to by visiting my Flickr here.

You can also shop for your favorite bellballs essentials items on the marketplace without leaving your home here.

I would love to thank everyone who has stood by my creations as a designer, and encouraged me to come back and do what I enjoy most. I hope you will fall in love with Animaux in the same sense.

Viollette Vyper.

Animaux - Second Life Jewelry and Accessories

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