228 West End St., The Apple Architects, New York City

Second Life NYC Luxury Studio Loft Skybox


Live in “The Apple.”


228 West End St., The Apple Architects, New York City

The Apple Architects | Residential Division presents a stunning structure perfect for your “New York City” styled skybox.

For the socialite frequenting the city on the weekends, we’ve  created a crash pad to see clients and hang with fashionable friends. Sandwiched in a remote area of the Upper West Side which boasts grand architecture, lush greenery and an epic view of the iconic Central Park, the space is wrapped with windows spanning  three walls, leaving the fourth wall open for you to place your coveted items. With realistic lighting effects, rendered and shadow baked textures this original space is perfect for the New Yorker in you.


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1-Room Skybox
Complete Building can fit a 70 x 80 meter parcel


This mesh skybox is only 362 prims


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Customer Support may be reached at:
E-mail: theapple@newyorkcitysl.com