The Second Life Bar Association – New York City Branch

Second Life Bar Association
We are pleased to announce that the SL Bar Association (SLBA) has opened a new branch on the New York City sim. Residents are welcomed to visit the office and gather information on what SLBA offers in Second Life and how we may be of assistance to you.  The SL Bar Association are comprised of attorneys, professionals, and individuals interested in the legal field, particularly its effects on virtual world settings.  Copyright, trademark, and business law are just some of the relevant legal concerns that touch every content creator on Second Life. The SL Bar Association holds monthly meetings, seminars on various legal topics, and can provide referrals to those in need of more in-depth legal assistance.
A schedule of upcoming events can be found in our New York Office, as well as on our website:
The SLBA hold meetings on the second Saturday of each month at 10am SLT at their headquarters: SLBA Headquarters
All are welcome to attend meetings and seminars.
*SLBA Mission Statement:
(1) to educate the public and profession concerning legal issues arising from the Second Life virtual world;
(2) to study the legal, business, and technical implications of the 3D Internet, including virtual worlds, and the Second Life virtual world in particular;
(3) to offer our members opportunities to meet and discuss SLBA interests with professionals from around the world; and
(4) to promote justice, professional excellence, and the rule of law in Second Life.
Upcoming Talks include:
9-21-13 Final HIPAA Security Regulations Update
10-5-13 Online Gambling
10-19-13 Tax & Estate Planning for Families with Special Needs Children
11-2-13 Online Peer Reviewed Journals
12-7-13 Social Security Disability Law
1-4-14 BDSM & the law
Thank you,
Tim Faith/Yoss Kamachi
Timothy S. Faith, Esq.
Faith At Law, LLC
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