Meet Team NYC

Meet Team NYC

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Founder | Architect | Visionary

Joi Price |
Joi, the founder and architect of New York City brings 4 years of in-world entrepreneurial experience to her newest endeavor. Formerly known as the architect and co-owner of the very successful New Jack City, she has maintained the essence of that popular locale, and added the beauty and realism of rendered techniques to create the authentic representation of New York City in Second Life.  Her self empowered approach in building teams and her diligent attention to detail gives New York City a life of its own. With a commercial and residential sim New York City also encourages commuters to maintain a New Yorker lifestyle. Dubbed the “Fashion Capital of SL,” New York City exudes art, fashion and music in a way that is distinctively unique and irrevocably memorable.[/cc_full_width_col]

Executive Team

C.E.O. | Sim Manager | Real Estate Broker

Dylan Chiantelle |
Dylan’s compassion for the community fuels her to bring people from all walks of life together in the most memorable social settings. She has contributed to such elaborate events as Second Life Birthday 8 & 9 and SL Burning Man Events 2012 & 2011. Did we mention she’s a DJ too?

In her role at New York City, Dylan Chiantelle not only oversees the sim Commercial and Residential real estate, she is also the creative genius behind all of New York City events. Chiantelle’s goals are to cultivate a relationship with our community. Together with her staff of production assistants she’s produced an event calendar the Gods can envy. From the famed SoHo Sample Sales and in-store mixers, to fashion shows and masquerade balls, Dylan is the queen of NYC nightlife.

With kindness and enthusiasm she is well loved by visitors and continues to lay the foundation that helps New York City to thrive.

For inquiries concerning New York City, The Fashion Feed Of SL or The Little Apple; contact: Dylan Chiantelle – In World or Email:


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