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NEW YORK CITY’s post-colonial architecture, stunning living spaces, premier shoppes and grid system epitomize authentic metropolitan city life. Now there is a place where living, working, and playing effortlessly merge together to create the ultimate recreational lifestyle sim. Want to live in a beautiful loft in the Upper West Side? Want to shop in the many well known shops in SoHo? Dream of having your store on the elitist street of 5th Avenue? Or maybe you would enjoy a relaxing book in Central Park… all of this and more can be done, where? NEW YORK CITY, of course. NEW YORK CITY never sleeps and neither should you. Read more about us…

To visit New York City SL, hop on this SLURL.


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Plan your next visit

New York City Landing Point [SLURL]
You will find yourself brought into the hustle and bustle of the New York City lifestyle as soon as you hit the landing point. A tranquil stone plaza with a fountain welcome you as the towering buildings of The Apple | Architects, Fifth Avenue and the SoHo district dominate this wholly immersive New York City sim.

Fifth Ave [SLURL]
Walk through the infamous Fifth Avenue, a living, breathing commercial haven full to the brim with the highest in fashion, hair and accessories for both men and women. Treat yourself with a makeover in our luxurious boutiques. Fifth Avenue has been host to SL’s top designers, and is also home to New York City’s very own department store, Racks Fifth Ave…

Racks Fifth Ave Department Store [SLURL]
No rendition of 5th Ave could be complete without its very own department store! A host to the up-and-coming and top-of-the-line designers for clothing and cosmetics etc, Racks has been home for many outlets of great, high-quality stores. This department store is a great way of viewing vastly different stores all at once without getting lost in a maze of products.

SoHo Area [SLURL]
SoHo; home to a number of artists, culture, gorgeous architecture, and most importantly, trendy boutiques. Walk along the cobblestone streets for yourself and visit the chic outlets. If living among a district overflowing with style and culture sounds like heaven to you then why not think about living in one of our amazing open-spaced studio or duplex apartments right above our boutiques?

Priceless Lofts [SLURL]
If you ever wanted to live the high life in a gorgeous New York setting overlooking both the East River and skyline of a huge city here is your opportunity to join the New York lifestyle by living in one of our Priceless Lofts. Crafted by the The Apple | Architects–creator of New York City, specifically for those seeking the true experience of city living in a luxurious duplex space.

The Apple Architects | Commercial Division [SLURL]
So if you’ve had a look around the sim you would surely notice the huge level of detail its creator has put into designing and texturing these realistic buildings for you to explore. Now here’s a real opportunity for you to own one for yourself! Step up to the glass cases and get a peek at models what you could own. Even if you are unable to set up shop on the sim you can bring the sim to you with the New York City style commercial buildings. To purchase a retail shop for your own land, visit  the shop on SL Marketplace.

The Apple Architects | Residential Division [SLURL]
The creations that New York City’s owner has designed and put effort into can now be brought home with you. If you want a real New York vibe at home why not pick up one of the charming brownstone houses or the beautifully rendered skybox of 101 Bond Street? If you can’t come to New York, bring New York to you with  The Apple | Architects store. To purchase a residential build for your own land, visit  the shop on SL Marketplace.