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NEW YORK CITY’s post-colonial architecture, stunning living spaces, premier shoppes and grid system epitomize authentic metropolitan city life. Now there is a place where living, working, and playing effortlessly merge together to create the ultimate recreational lifestyle sim. Want to live in a beautiful loft in the Upper West  Side? Want to shop in the many well known shops in SoHo?[/cc_half_col_left]

[cc_half_col_right] Dream of having your store on the elitist street of 5th Avenue? Or maybe you would enjoy a relaxing book in Central Park… all of this and more can be done, where? NEW YORK CITY, of course. NEW YORK CITY never sleeps and neither should you.

Want retail space in New York City? We are more than just a landlord. Learn about all of the vendor amenities and free marketing. [/cc_half_col_right]

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]NEW YORK CITY exercises a strict discretion in its approval process for property lessees. Commercial and Residential rentals must be pre-approved prior to admittance. Refunds will not be honored for failure to adhere to this policy.[/cc_full_width_col]

The application process is simple. Click here to apply.
To preserve the beauty and quality of our sim, we ask that each leaseholder adhere to our agreement. Click here to review it.



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