Fashion Mix & Mingle Featuring Izzie’s 7.1.12

N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y

WHO: Fashionable Avi’s, Socialites, The Press, NYC VIP’s, Commuters & Residents

WHAT: Fashion Party in NYC. Meet the Designers. Pick up some FREE amazing feathered mesh earrings!

WHEN: This Sunday 7.1.12 @ 2pm SLT

WHERE: New York City

WHY: Izzie’s is a funky boutique offering chic styles and colourful accessories. Come on down and enjoy the festivities while you mingle with the staff at NYC and get to browse the glamorous collection Izzie’s has to offer. There is a something for everyone!

In attendance will be an array of socialites, fashionistas and press for you to clink glasses with. Bring a friend or two to this amazing store while partying hard with SL’s finest. The best dressed Avi may even land on the front page of NYC’s Online Magazine! For VIP, Blogger and Media access, IM Marina Tiepolo.

To stay on top of New York City News & Events, don’t forget to join us only by registering at!

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Shot in NYC: Leah McCullough


I love bright colors and always found pink and silver a very interesting combination. I remember when I was little I had a pink and light grey sweater that was my favorite! I started styling this outfit some weeks ago and took some work until I loved how it looked. When I took the pic I was wearing some pretty earrings, but I didn’t realize that they didn’t rez… So when I was editing the picture I saw them all grey… So, I erased them:)

I was planning on posting this style earlier this week but I learned that I was selected to audition for MVW on Saturday, so I changed the hair and wore it today for the audition. I was in love with how this outfit turned out and I thought it was a good option for the audition.

When looking for a place to take the pic I found the New York Sim which looks really good! It would be awesome to have more sims like this… urban, modern and high quality.

<3 Leah

Glam Affair Zoe Chateau Rose
Coco Slouch Beret
YS&YS  Bangle
YS&YS Silver Bracelet
Boon WKM795
Epoque Revolution Pumps
blackLiquid  makeup hot pink sheer shimer
NHA! Mirella earrings
Izzie’s leggings leo print silver
CheerNo Leather gloves
Sinfully Pose

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