Day Party on Fifth Ave. – Sunday @ 1 pm SLT

N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y – D A Y   P A R T Y  O N   F I F T H  A V E
Celebrating the release of the new “Fashion Audio Series”

Fashionable Avi’s, Socialites, The Press, NYC VIP’s, Commuters & Residents

Fashion Audio Series Release. Pick up a FREE pair of headphones!

This Sunday 11.4.12 @ 1 p.m. SLT

New York City –

House of real-world brand identity design Maki Kato steps into new territory as it releases its first publicly-available Maki by Maki Kato for Second Life product: the Fashion Audio Series. To make room for the new line, The Boutique at Maki Kato in New York City received a floor-to-ceiling renovation.
The series, inspired by the recent hype for premium audio products in the real world, brings together classic shapes and elegant materials, along with rez-and-click functionality for controlling your parcel audio feed.

In attendance will be an array of socialites, fashionistas and press for you to clink glasses with. Bring a friend or two to this amazing store while partying hard with SL’s finest. The best dressed Avi may even land on the front page of NYC’s Online Magazine! For VIP, Blogger and Media access, IM Marina Tiepolo.

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Men’s Fashion Insider: Vyc Body Shop takes Fifth Ave. by storm

We hear the cry all the time, and understand the plight of  the fashionable male avi. There aren’t enough options for men, and they’re right. It’s all about the girls, and designers cater to them.

New York City’s newest edition will tip the scales a little on that argument. Vyc has just joined us, and it’s a body shop to be reckoned with. Photo realistic skin in a multitude of skin tones plaster the walls of this new Fifth Ave. Boutique. Vyc even offers shaven and unshaven chest and facial options for the rugged man.

In addition to it’s immaculate skin selection is shapes and add ons. Take a peek below, and see it in-world.

In honor of the grand opening, Vyc is also giving away a free gift at its grand opening party next Sunday July, 15, 2012 @2pm SLT. Don’t miss the event, SAVE THE DATE!