The Fashion Ambassador loves New York City

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The Fashion Ambassador has released it’s newest post “HUMAN ART,” some of which was inspired by Team Frida Kahlo’s self portrait. The dynamic duo, Casanova Demonista & Ana Stone highlighted 3 of the most prominent locales in New York City. Check out the photos below.

New York City Second Life - Brownstone Foyer

New York City Second Life - Browstone Mirror

New York City Second Life - Luxury Loft Den

New York City Second Life - Luxury Loft Dressing Room

New York City Second Life - Luxury Loft Livingroom

New York City Second Life - Skating Rink

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Joi Price
Chief Visionary Officer & Creator of New York City and Fashion Feed of SL | | |

Joi Price Launches Real Life – Second Life eBoutique and Angels x Astronauts Collection

22k Gold and Deerskin Leather Cocktail Ring

Introducing, Angels x Astronauts 

It is with overwhelming excitement that we announce the launch of Joi Price’s highly anticipated collection – Angels x Astronauts. This luxury brand merges real life and the virtual world of second life by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase pieces in both worlds.

The first releases from the Angels x Astronauts are hand crafted gold and leather jewelry earrings and rings.

22k Gold and Deerskin Leather Cocktail Ring
Core. by Joi Price
22k Gold and Deerskin Leather Cocktail Ring
Orbit. by Joi Price
Deerskin leather and gold painted luxury handmade earrings.
Command. by Joi Price
Deerskin leather and gold painted luxury handmade earrings.
Sariel. by Joi Price
Deerskin leather and gold painted luxury handmade earrings.
Prim. by Joi Price


Behind the collection.

How to buy.

Second Life Purchases

  • Visit Joi Price’s eBoutique Inworld
  • Select the just SL or RL + SL item
  • Pay with lindens, paypal or a credit card
  • *Save up to 50% on all RL items, and receive the SL item free!
  • Visit redeem to complete your order

Real Life Purchases

  • Visit
  • Add items to cart, and checkout with paypal
  • *Second Life discounts will not be honored

228 West End St., The Apple Architects, New York City

Second Life NYC Luxury Studio Loft Skybox

Second Life NYC Luxury Studio Loft Skybox


Live in “The Apple.”


228 West End St., The Apple Architects, New York City

The Apple Architects | Residential Division presents a stunning structure perfect for your “New York City” styled skybox.

For the socialite frequenting the city on the weekends, we’ve  created a crash pad to see clients and hang with fashionable friends. Sandwiched in a remote area of the Upper West Side which boasts grand architecture, lush greenery and an epic view of the iconic Central Park, the space is wrapped with windows spanning  three walls, leaving the fourth wall open for you to place your coveted items. With realistic lighting effects, rendered and shadow baked textures this original space is perfect for the New Yorker in you.


Buy it on SoHo Sample Sale



1-Room Skybox
Complete Building can fit a 70 x 80 meter parcel


This mesh skybox is only 362 prims


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Customer Support may be reached at:

New York City – SoHo Sample Sale – May Round

Have you heard the exciting news? Its time for another round of New York City’s SoHo Sample Sale!

 New York City|SoHo Warehouse

New York City Popular Urban Sim Second Life

New York City, the “Fashion Capital of SL, presents its quality-driven, trend conscious monthly sales event, “The SOHO Sample Sale.

The SoHo Sample Sale showcases new, exclusive & creative products on the grid at an affordable price each month.

There is always something for everyone at the SoHo Sample Sale!

This round features amazing items presented by:




{ RoA }

{{BSD Design Studio}}


//elephante poses//

[ pose+ivity ]

.la petite morte.




Pure Poison

New York City|SoHo Warehouse

New York City Popular Urban Sim Second Life


Co57 is here. Indyra Originals, Sugarmack Hair Studio, American Bazaar, Lou Lou & Co. and {le fil casse } have all just opened brand new boutiques. The streets of SoHo and 5th Avenue are packed. NEW YORK CITY is booming and overflowing with the fashion obsessed.

Shop hop in our glamorous Fifth Ave and SoHo fashion districts. All of our big name design houses have updated items in their flagship stores; Loq, PIDIDDLE, SWITCH and Maki Kato have delicious new items in stock.

Here are a few of our favorite things…


Your taxi awaits…
New York City Popular Urban Sim Second Life

P.S. We’re more than just fashion. Check out the offices of…
Tyler Park Film Studio [SLURL]
DX exchange  [SLURL]

Grand Opening: Sugarsmack Hair Studio on Fifth Ave.

Second Life Hair Studio

Second Life Hair Studio


Sugarsmack hair studio opens grand on New York City’s Fifth Ave. The hair studio flaunts bold updo’s and tussled long locks with contrasting streaks in a mutlitude of candy and spice flavored colors. Starting at $175,with Fab Packs at $675, the perfectly primped tresses won’t break the bank.

The ladies of New York City are madly in love with “Elan.” See the french-braided crown photographed on the right.

Take a peek at a few more photos of the posh hair studio below, don’t forget to  visit, and share your photos on the Sugarsmack flickr.



Left Wall

Right Wall



Virtual World Business Workshop – Nov 17 @ 1pm SLT

N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y- V I R T U A L  B U S I N E S S  W O R K S H O P
FEATURING Virtual World Business Association
Gathering together for a workshop with Joi Price!

Business Minded Avi’s, Socialites, The Press, NYC VIP’s, Commuters & Residents 

Virtual World Business Association Workshop with Joi Price, including a Question and Answer with the audience

November 17th, beginning at 1:00pm SLT 

Virtual World Business Conference Room –> Jump to the VWBA Workshop!

The Virtual World Business Association provides an international membership base to learn and grow with professionally. VWBA focuses on educating and supporting members through seminars, networking events, workshops and more.
The Virtual World Business Association provides the opportunities and tools to collaborate with an international network of business owners who have a presence in virtual worlds.

The Virtual World Business Association works with companies and industry leaders in effort to improve business relations within virtual settings. VWBA uses research and data as leverage to implement change in the virtual world for business owners.

The Virtual World Business Association believes in offering our members a trustful community, improved communication and diplomatic environment, allowing each member to have a voice and make changes to benefit their business and industry.
Join today and get involved in making change!

Join our group: New York City Commuters

Day Party on Fifth Ave. – Sunday @ 1 pm SLT

N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y – D A Y   P A R T Y  O N   F I F T H  A V E
Celebrating the release of the new “Fashion Audio Series”

Fashionable Avi’s, Socialites, The Press, NYC VIP’s, Commuters & Residents

Fashion Audio Series Release. Pick up a FREE pair of headphones!

This Sunday 11.4.12 @ 1 p.m. SLT

New York City –

House of real-world brand identity design Maki Kato steps into new territory as it releases its first publicly-available Maki by Maki Kato for Second Life product: the Fashion Audio Series. To make room for the new line, The Boutique at Maki Kato in New York City received a floor-to-ceiling renovation.
The series, inspired by the recent hype for premium audio products in the real world, brings together classic shapes and elegant materials, along with rez-and-click functionality for controlling your parcel audio feed.

In attendance will be an array of socialites, fashionistas and press for you to clink glasses with. Bring a friend or two to this amazing store while partying hard with SL’s finest. The best dressed Avi may even land on the front page of NYC’s Online Magazine! For VIP, Blogger and Media access, IM Marina Tiepolo.

To stay on top of New York City News & Events, don’t forget to join us only by registering at!

Join our group: New York City Commuters

Men’s Fashion Insider: Vyc Body Shop takes Fifth Ave. by storm

We hear the cry all the time, and understand the plight of  the fashionable male avi. There aren’t enough options for men, and they’re right. It’s all about the girls, and designers cater to them.

New York City’s newest edition will tip the scales a little on that argument. Vyc has just joined us, and it’s a body shop to be reckoned with. Photo realistic skin in a multitude of skin tones plaster the walls of this new Fifth Ave. Boutique. Vyc even offers shaven and unshaven chest and facial options for the rugged man.

In addition to it’s immaculate skin selection is shapes and add ons. Take a peek below, and see it in-world.

In honor of the grand opening, Vyc is also giving away a free gift at its grand opening party next Sunday July, 15, 2012 @2pm SLT. Don’t miss the event, SAVE THE DATE!