Welcome to the Team New York City SL intranet. Here you will find staff-only data. Access team mail, calendar and documents by navigating to these quick links below. Check back here often for new team announcements!

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Access your e-mail here.[/cc_fourth_col] [cc_fourth_col height=”230″]


Access our shared documents here.[/cc_fourth_col] [cc_fourth_col height=”230″]


Access our shared calendar here. [/cc_fourth_col] [cc_fourth_col_right height=”230″]



Access our task management program here. [/cc_fourth_col_right]




Tools for team members!

As a member of our team, we know you might be overwhelmed by how intricate and dynamic the inner workings of New York City SL is. The executive staff is always available to aid you through your transition. In the meantime, here are some quick links you may need access to. If there is something we should add to this area, let us know!



Did you know that you can send a message to the entire Team by sending an e-mail to Try it out, the next time you need to reach everyone.

Go mobile. Would you like to connect your e-mail to your mobile device? Click here for setup instructions.[/cc_half_col_right]


Website Editing Tutorials

[cc_fourth_col height=”210″] Website Pt.1 – Create Your Account Tutorial[/cc_fourth_col] [cc_fourth_col height=”210″] Website Pt. 2 – Upload Your Avatar Tutorial [/cc_fourth_col][cc_fourth_col height=”210″] Website Pt. 3 – Edit Current Blog Post Tutorial[/cc_fourth_col][cc_fourth_col_right height=”210″] Website Pt. 4 – New Blog Post Tutorial [/cc_fourth_col_right]

Staff Announcements

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